Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daily Haul #4: +52,908g Like Clockwork

Daily Haul #4: +52,908g  Like Clockwork

Welcome to Dilvish's Daily Haul #4!  In these posts I will report daily in-comings & out-goings of gold.  This reflects the time period 9/4 to 9/6/2013.

Current Liquid Gold breaks down across 6 servers/factions I do business in.  This info is always after a fresh reposting of all my items.  Comparing totals we have:

Current Liquid Gold 9/6/13 = 1,544,177g

I use an addon called "Total Gold Earned" (/tge) to display my account wide totals very easily.  As of today we have:

Total Gold Earned 9/6/13 = 11,677,855g 

76,908g more total gold earned with a grand total of 52,908g added to my coffers after posting/reposting & crafting/restocking fees.  There is a definite increase in sales as compared to a couple weeks ago & this is obviously due to 5.4 a mere 3 days away.  Like clockwork, keep up on all your gold making markets & I gnome you will succeed.  :P

Daily Haul 9/6/2013 = +52,908g

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