Monday, September 2, 2013

Daily Haul #2: +55,934g?! Wrap it up...

 Daily Haul #2: +55,934g?!  Wrap it up...

Welcome to Dilvish's Daily Haul #2!  In these posts we will report daily in-comings & out-goings of gold.

Current Liquid Gold breaks down across 6 servers/factions I do business in.  This info is always after a fresh reposting of all my items.  Comparing yesterday's totals to today we have:

Thunderhorn Alliance =  208,210g  <  221,037g =  +12,827g
Thunderhorn Horde =  77,914g  <  87,297g =  +9,383g
Twisting Nether Horde =  95,478g  <  98,315g =  +2,837g
Staghelm Horde =  389,787  <  393,413g =  +3,626g
Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance =  313,217g <  323,317g =  +10,100g
Mug'thol Horde =  334,627  <  346,588g =  +11,961g

Current Liquid Gold 9/1/13 = 1,419,233 + 50,734g =  1,469,967g

I use an addon called "Total Gold Earned" (/tge) to display my account wide totals very easily.  As of today we have:

Total Gold Earned 9/1/13 = 11,515,636g  <  11,571,570g =  +55,934g

55,934g with a total of 50,734g in pocket is an EXCELLENT day for me across all 6 servers/factions I work on.  This is much more impressive than my average daily 2,000-5,000 gold.  Wrap it up...I'll take it!

Daily Haul 9/1/2013 = +55,934g

In the coming days I will expose the various ways I make gold.  Watch this space.

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