Monday, September 2, 2013

Avoid Warcraft Gold Making Burnout -- Shake it up!

Avoid Warcraft Gold Making Burnout -- Shake it up!

It wouldn't be a real Warcraft Gold blog without participating in the infamous Copper-To-Gold's / Cold's Gold blogging carnival.  The August 2013 topic of discussion is:  "What drives you to make gold? What do you do to avoid getting burnt out?"

Reach for that brass ring...

The main driving force for me to continually make gold in the World of Warcraft, is everything still out of reach.  In game gold can be used to obtain a majority of things you don't have but just gotta get:  items & gear, titles, battle pets, achievements, mounts, raid slots, tcg loots, Blizzard store items, etc.  If gold can be exchanged for it, I highly recommend doing it!  I use my gold to gear up my characters, & fill in my Battle Pet/Mount collections.  Most of the items I covet are of the wow tcg loot card nature.  Earn gold in the most enjoyable way you can & spend it how you like!

 Avoiding Burnout or Sustainable Gold Making

The answer that immediately comes to mind is "take a break".  I employ this tactic often.  I work across 6 servers/factions to earn my coin & it IS a lot of time & work.  Sometimes I will stop all gold making activities for days, yes DAYS!  I will take myself out of the markets at least once a week.  Do the move with quirky jerk; don't log in to your character(s) or simply refuse to deal with the mailbox & Auction House all together.  I recently unsubbed & then resubbed eleven days later, because I WANTED to.  I was burning out!  During the cancellation I discovered Blizz accidentally allowed me continued game time...they corrected that issue on day seven.  Four days of actually being out of the markets was enough to pull me right back in.  I made 55,934g in the first day and a half back.  Prior to that I was barely pulling in 2,000-5,000 gold daily.  There's more I'd like to share about this strategy & plan to do so in an upcoming blog post.  Don't be afraid to shake it up!

Thanks for reading & if it isn't fun, stop doing it!


  1. I usually just pull out of it for a day and then dive right back in on my 90 Horde Shaman, but my server's tiny so I don't even make 1,000g a day.

    1. Thanks for the read & comment! I do business on mainly medium population servers, with one exception. That stinking server is super low pop & is REALLY hard to make gold there on a consistent basis. I don't think anyone there HAS much gold to spend. As for your daily haul, 1k gold a day is still 30,000 a month. Each small victory propels you ever forward toward your goals.