Saturday, August 31, 2013

Step 4: Profit. How it works - experiment

 Step 4: Profit.  How it works - experiment

Here we are at the end of my first day gold blogging.  My most recent experimental character, now level 12, was looking for good profit & snagged a few "deals" via the Undermine Journal (  After a cancel scan, a small repost, & a dealfinding search, we're down -854g03s.  This isn't looking good, so far...

I created this level 1 new character on a new server to see what could be done starting out once again at zero gold; Smurgle was born.  Prior to being able to cage Warcraft TCG loot pets & sharing them account wide, there was no easy way to transfer gold, move item(s) of value cross server, & then within days become "rich".  My nest egg came from the selling 2 battle pets, Bananas for 55k gold & Rocket Chicken for 100k gold.  With that initial 155k, I quickly expanded into Mists Blues ilvl 409-450, low priced epics, patterns/recipes that sell for 400-500+g, & crafted Dreadful Mists PVP pieces selling for less than 300g.  If you don't recognize it yet, my biggest Gold Making strategy, it's Flipping.

Flipping, simply put, is finding something valuable at a much lower than normal price & relisting the item at a more "normal" price.  It's finding value & thus quick & easy gold from erroneous price errors.

Negative 854g03s JUST for logging in, sucks...

Good thing we sold a few items from the beginning of this blog until now.  +7439g24s on ONE character on a server far, far away.  A net profit of 6,595g after paying the bills & reinvesting.

The night's still young & we got 5 more servers/factions to go...  >:D

Oh don't mind me, I'm just making it rain gold!

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