Saturday, August 31, 2013

Daily Haul #1: 0g?! We gotta start somewhere

 Daily Haul #1: 0g?!  We gotta start somewhere

Welcome to the first Daily Haul!  In these spaces we will discuss daily incoming & outgoing gold.  To start off we need some baselines.
When interacting, there are a few questions players will invariably ask if you claim to be knowledgeable about "gold making".  These questions are (in no particular order):

1:  How much gold do you have currently (liquid)?
2:  How much total gold have you earned (lifetime)
3:  How do you make gold?
4:  How much gold do you make daily?

Current Liquid Gold breaks down across 6 servers/factions I do business in.  This info is after a fresh reposting of all my items today we have:

Thunderhorn Alliance =  208,210g
Thunderhorn Horde =  77,914g
Twisting Nether Horde =  95,478g
Staghelm Horde =  389,787
Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance =  313,217g
Mug'thol Horde =  334,627g

Current Liquid Gold 8/31/2013 = 1,419,233g

Total Gold Earned are statistics that Blizzard tracks under the Achievements tab in game so it's legit!  You can see each character's total gold earned via the AH by hitting "Y" to bring up the achiements, at the bottom hit the "Statistics" tab,  click "Character" & then click "Wealth" & see your own gold timeline.  I use an addon called "Total Gold Earned" (/tge) to display mine account wide very easily.  As of today we have:

Total Gold Earned 8/31/2013 = 11,515,636g

To answer how do I make gold, would steer this away from the Daily Haul concept, so I will follow up this post with another for explanation of how I make gold in a miriad of ways.

And finally, the answer to how much gold I make daily changes with each day.  It depends on many factors which we can get into detail later.  On average I make 2,000-5,000g daily.  Some days I make nothing & I am out all the deposit fees & other days it's a 15k Daily Haul!

Daily Haul 8/31/2013 = 0g

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